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Momentum Equestrian

As a lifelong equestrian, Meghan appreciates the demands and challenges that different disciplines place on both the horse and rider. The rider isn't just sitting there letting the horse do all the work!

Meghan has ridden in both English and Western disciplines, including experience in flatwork, pole work, trail riding, jumping, and basic dressage. She believes a well rounded horse promotes balance and longevity. 

Meghan has completed extensive training in bodywork including soft tissue work, cupping, taping, and instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization and is integrating these techniques for the equine world. She has also completed training in equine massage through the University of South Carolina at Aiken. 

Momentum Physiotherapy and Dr. Meghan O'Hara are thrilled to offer unique services for both the horse and rider to help achieve athletic and performance goals as well as promote health and wellbeing. 

Equine Bodywork

Are you looking for a supplemental way to support your horse's exercise program?

Do you want to improve your horse's recovery, promote healing, and reduce imbalance and stiffness?

Equine bodywork utilizes massage, deep tissue, cupping, and taping to release tension, improve blood flow, aid in recovery, and improve balance in the horse. 

Each session includes an assessment of current movement, concerns, and changes in the horse, as well as full body and regional work to promote optimal movement. 


Equestrian Athlete Evaluations

Concerned that you're the problem, not your horse? 

It happens.

We will look at your movement, strength, mobility, and function to find where to improve your riding. 

This assessment may be under saddle or without the horse, depending on your needs and goals. 


Horse and Rider Assessments 

Need help for both you and your horse? No problem! 

This is an extended appointment that involves both an assessment of the horse and human on the ground and under saddle if desired, followed by treatment and a plan of care. Get better, together!

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